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Whhooo boy...finally got off my lazy ass and spruce up this neglected journal of mine...xDDD Sad aint it. Oh well, anyhow this is basically used for ramblings so its no surprise if theres just random things. Oh this is also for notes...drawings....stuff....just things I dont normally post up on certain places prolly because I'm overly cautious for my own good.

Anyway finally did a post up on this thing so hopefully I'll start using it more if I'm not too lazy to log up on here and type...yes sad indeed I am.

I just want to make a quick note to myself. Work on comic/story of mine...

                                                             -Character Development
                                                             -Settings and Events
                                                             -How the piece everything together
                                                             -Try not to have so many ideas pop up at the same time (which is hard AHKLGAGHAKLGHA)
                                                             -And some other things I'm most likely forgetting
                                                             -Oh and continue writing on one story instead of jumping around and keep adding in ideas
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