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Idea Overload

Posted on 2008.07.22 at 00:13
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....Just like the title says *points to it above the post * Ideas have been like plaguing my head. Unfortunately for me I gotta jot them down real quick or else another one will pop up and I'll loose the one before...roflmao my head is evil. I think its from the characters in my brain, not sure.

ANYHOW, got about...oh I unno...3-4 stories going at the moment LOL but I'm working on em, taking turns with em but nonetheless I'm still going for em 8DDD * shakes pen, pencil,blade, and paper in the air *

As for my drawings they're being based around creature designs and story events at the moment for some strange reason..not that I mind though character designing is fun to do. I miss doing fanart though...xDD

Maybe I'll post somethings on here someday.

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